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26 August 2016: New Ambassador to Germany announced


Today the Hon Julie Bishop MP announced the the appointment of Ms Lynette Wood as Australia's next Ambassador to Germany. In Canberra, Ms Wood was First Assistant Secretary, International Division with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C). She has served as Assistant Secretary, Middle East Branch and Executive Branch at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Ms Wood has also served overseas with postings in Canada and Germany.

I had the pleasure of discussing bilateral trade opportunities between Germany and Australia with the Ambassador on the 10th of August for a special German European Chamber of Commerce of South Australia Inc. lunch with Ms Wood via the South Australian State Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Here I provided a detailed brief of the Chambers activities, including our recent draft submission to the AU-EU Free Trade Agreement, to Ms. Wood and to DFAT Director of the South Australia State Office, Mr Dave Gordge. 

Joining the Chamber were two of our newest members, Mr Ingo Jerke,  Operations Manager, Orora Beverage – Closures and Michael Wehrs, Export Manager for Kay Brothers Winery-McLaren Vale. The Chamber was also represented by Corporate Sponsors Jeremy  Shultz Partner, Finlaysons, Justin Boehm, Member Relationship Executive, Ai Group (Corporate Member) Kimberly Crossman (Board GECOCSA), Frank Lucks (Trustee GECOCSA) and our Vice Chairman Guneter Pratz.

The Chamber recognises the special work undertaken by DFAT in South Australia to keep International Chambers abreast of changing opportunities and environments in the International Diplomatic space. We wish the new Ambassador well in her new appointment in this key position.



25 August 2016: Meeting with Hon. Martin Hamilton-Smith


Wonderful meeting today with the Hon. Martin Hamilton-Smith MP, Minister for Investment and Trade, Minister for Small Business, Minister for Defence Industries and Minister for Veterans' Affairs. As Chairman of the German European Chamber and Board member of CITCSA I was joined by Chamber Trustee Frank Lucks in discussing our recent involvement with the State Government's European Strategy and submission to the AU-EU Free Trade Agreement. We embark upon an exciting era in our State's economic prosperity through the work of the State's trade missions via DSD and broader involvement with diplomatic relations through DFAT. The Minister's collaborative approach and significant experience in this area serves as the basis for further developments in our own strategy.


26 May 2016: CITCSA European Union and Russian Federation Subcommittee


CITCSA Sub-Committee for the EU and Russian Federation meeting today to consider the AU-EU Free Trade Agreement.

Pictured from left: Mr Frank Weits, President DutchSA, Adrian Vatovec, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia and Board of Slovenian Australian Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Gosia Hill, Hon. Consul for the Republic of Poland in South Australia, Simon Zyrianov EU Centre for Global Affairs in the University of Adelaide, Dr Valdis Tomanis, Honorary Consul of Latvia and President Australian Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ms Irina Lyudviga Russian-Australian Chamber of Commerce &Industry Inc. Henning Klovekorn, (Chair) - Board CITCSA and Chairman German European Chamber of Commerce of SA Inc., Simon Thomson, Secretary GECOCSA Inc, Adam Weinert.



18 May 2016: With the Ambassador to the European Union




On the 18th of May 2016 the Board and Major Sponsors of the German European Chamber were invited to lunch with His Excellency Dr. Mark Higgie Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, the European Union and NATO in a fantastic DFAT initiative to strengthen ties between Federal and State initiatives. We also enjoyed the company of many dignitaries and Consuls.

Dr. Higgie was previously Senior Adviser (International) to the Prime Minister. Before joining the Prime Minister's staff Dr. Higgie was at the Office of National Assessments where he served as the Senior Europe Analyst and later as Australia's representative on the UK Joint Intelligence Committee (London).

Having established the Ambassador’s command of a number of languages including German, we were able to report to the Ambassador some of the initiatives to improve bilateral trade between South Australia and the EU, the world’s biggest single market. This included our Chamber assisting the formulation of the State’s North Atlantic Strategy through the Department of State Development, and reporting on our own plans for a mission in 2017.

Dr. Higgie reported in turn on a significant number of initiatives at the Federal level. This included primarily the work currently undertaken for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU. The Australian Prime Minister together with the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission agreed to start the process towards a FTA in a joint statement on 15 November 2015.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade reports:

As a bloc, the EU is Australia’s largest source of foreign investment and second largest trading partner. In 2014, the EU’s foreign direct investment in Australia was valued at $169.6 billion and Australian foreign direct investment in the EU was valued at $83.5 billion. Total two-way merchandise and services trade between Australia and the EU was worth $83.9 billion.

The EU is Australia’s largest services export market, valued at nearly $10 billion in 2014.  Services account for 19.7 per cent of Australia’s total trade in goods and services and will be an important component of any future free trade agreement.
Australian and EU officials will now begin bilateral discussions on the next steps to launch negotiations.  As part of this process, DFAT is seeking submissions from interested stakeholders.

Key interests and benefits:

A comprehensive, high-quality Australia-EU FTA would help to ensure our trade and investment relationship reaches its full potential

An Australia-EU FTA would remove barriers to trade in goods

An Australia-EU FTA could expand services linkages and investment ties

An Australia-EU FTA could enhance regulatory cooperation in specific sectors of interest to business.


The German European Chamber of Commerce of South Australia Inc. will lodge a submission to the FTA with the EU. For further information, please see

Pictured: Guenter Pratz (Vice Chairman) (Left) and Henning A. Klovekorn (Chairman) (Right) of the German European Chamber, with His Excellency Dr. Mark Higgie.

16 May 2016: With the Small Business Commissioner


Inspiring meeting today with John Chapman, the Small Business Commissioner, about growth and efficiency programs assisting small business in SA. Pictured: Frank Lucks Trustee GECOCSA, John Chapman Small Business Commissioner and Henning Klövekorn Chairman GECOCSA and Board of CITCSA.


28 April 2016: With the Hon. Dr. Dean Brown AO at the Sturt Trust












It was a pleasure to spend time with former Premier (1993-1996) the Hon. Dr. Dean Brown AO and the Hon. Sir Eric Neal AC CVO FTSE HonFAIB, the Governor of South Australia 1996-2001, celebrating and commemorating the birthday of explorer Captain Charles Sturt at his former home 'Grange' in what is now the suburb of Grange in the Charles Sturt Council.
With an inspiring speech by 'Sir Eric' which recalled the State's inspiring progressive ideals. South Australia being the first colony in Australia to grant voting rights to women in 1894, achieved 34 years before Britain granted her own female citizens the vote, and the elaboration that the colony also provided Aboriginal Australians the right to vote as early as 1856, the first colony to do so.
As Board member of the Council for International Trade (CITCSA) and special guest to 'The Charles Sturt Memorial Museum Trust Incorporated', of which the Hon. Dean Brown is its Patron, I was particularly please to report the ongoing success of CITCSA to the former Liberal Premier who opened CITCSA in 1994.

Hereby being reminded of the ongoing perpetual development of this great State over successive generations in the spirit of the great explorer Charles Sturt.


5 April 2016: Front Page News Advertiser Business Journal



Schwerpunkt’s Henning A. Klovekorn and Seppeltsfield’s Jen Schmidt and Chad Elson.


The Advertiser, South Australia's premier newspaper, has published an article today with a Front Cover story in the Business Journal. 

Seppeltsfield estate of the Barossa Valley, South Australia, has ventured into the realm of virtual reality technology, in an Australian first for the promotion of wine tourism. The 165 year old wine estate is contrasting its heritage-rich nature with the trialling of cutting edge ‘VR’ technology, launching a virtual tour of its Barossa Valley property.The virtual reality tour provides smart phone users with the ability to immerse in sweeping panoramic “spheres” of Seppeltsfield’s wine, food and art precincts.

The VR smartphone tour, with the use of special lensed headsets, provides users with the sense of physically standing within the grounds of one of Australia’s iconic wineries. The VR capability has been made possible by a partnership with fellow South Australian business, Schwerpunkt. The high-tech start-up has captured Seppeltsfield’s vineyard, cellar door, barrel cellar, winery, art gallery and restaurant using the latest in high definition VR photography. 

In addition to VR, the tours have been made available without the requirement for special headset hardware. Any smart phone, tablet or desktop user can access the scenery in a 360 degree tour mode. Accessing the tour is done so either via a website link or through scanning a quick response (QR) code, which Seppeltsfield will feature on its wine labels.Seppeltsfield has recognised the use of virtual reality as a rapidly developing avenue to assist in the drive for domestic and international tourism. Already opening its doors to over 150,000 guests annually, the estate hopes to leverage its visual appeal to international markets, Asia being at the top of its list. China particularly has embraced VR technology, with over 400,000 headsets reportedly being sold each month. 

Seppeltsfield Sales & Marketing Manager, Chad Elson, believes the early adoption of VR technology is a competitive advantage in the Chinese market. “We’ve already tested it there as a means of introducing Seppeltsfield to distributors and customers”, said Mr Elson. “It’s a language barrier breaker - reinforcing our heritage and environmental beauty visually seems to resonate much stronger than text or spoken word.”Whilst early adopters of VR have largely been the ‘gamers’ consumer segment, Schwerpunkt’s founder, Mr Henning Kolvekorn, is adamant the technology is moving to the mainstream. “The likes of Audi, Coca-Cola and The New York Times are all using VR for visual marketing”, said Mr Klovekorn.

“We are extremely proud to have partnered with Seppeltsfield as the first wine business in Australia and one of very few in the world to be promoting themselves with the technology”, he added. Seppeltsfield will also be sending the technology to China as part of a state government tourism mission this month - the VR tour at hand to assist in pitches to in-bound tourism agents, airline partners and media.  

South Australian Minister For Tourism, Mr Leon Bignell, who will be joining the China mission, believes the collaboration by Seppeltsfield and Schwerpunkt is a prime example of innovation in the tourism sector. “For two local South Australian companies to be at the forefront of this space is genuinely exciting - this adds new layers to the way we can promote our premium products and experiences to the world”.  

Further media enquiresEmail:    Ph. 0409 980 135 Email: 




3 April 2016: 1st German Side at Cricket Nations Cup T12 in Adelaide


It was a great honour to field the first German team in the annual T12 Cricket Nations Cup in Adelaide over the weekend.  Pictured here is Germany's first 11 +1, with Dana Wortley MP and Russell Wortley MLC.

The T12 tournament showcases the spirit of multiculturalism in South Australia, with close to 200 players from 16 nations participating in an event driven by the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy and event organiser Sean Holden. With various organisations sponsoring the tournament, incuding the German European Chamber of Commerce of SA Inc. of which Henning Klovekorn (President), Frank Lucks (Trustee) and Simon Thomson (Secretary) were actively participating in 'Team Germany' under the command of Captain Jeremy Schultz.

"We always knew cricket was not a strong-point for the German's" said Chamber President Henning Klovekorn, "we grow up with a soccerball in the pram and don't throw balls with a straight arm. Komradeship and good spirits won the day, as did a couple of firsts for the tournament such as the world's first cricketer in traditional dress (lederhosen) and a Viking 'Sumbel' (communal drink from ceremonial horn before battle). To this we enjoyed teriffic German food from and key fourth-fifth generation German-Australian players demonstrated formidable cricketing skill meaning we had exhibited  'pockets of brilliance".

"For 16 nations to compete in harmony and coexist symbiotically is the true testament to this tournament and great State. We can enjoy the differences, celebrate the shared values and irrespective of our background - call Australia home" said Henning Klovekorn.



22 March 2016: Celebrating Multiculturalism at the Governor's Multicultural Awards.



Brilliant cultural dancing Henning Klovekorn with members of the Mexican Social and Cultural Association of SA Inc,  at Government House and well done to all the winners of the 2016 Multicultural Awards.


17 March 2016: French Submarine Bid built on Cultural Synergy and Future Security

Today Ambassador of France to Australia His Excellency Christophe Lecourtier was in Adelaide to launch ‘Creative France’ and extrapolate on some of the key strengths of the French Submarine bid for the $50 Billion Future Submarine Programme.

In discussions with the Ambassador, Henning A. Klovekorn, European Portfolio Chair of CITCSA,  remarked “There are four pillars to the FSB, financial competitiveness, technical capability, national security implications and public perception which drives political confidence. Knowing France is capable to accommodate with significant proportion the first three, what can be done to further promote the French-Australian ‘esprit de corps’ amongst the general population to drive political buoyancy?

To this the Ambassador noted the opportunity to highlight and develop the cultural links between France and Australia, which was the motivation behind ‘Creative France’, which sought to drive new cultural connections such as the establishment of South Australia’s first bilingual French primary school. The programme also seeks to establish a greater collaboration between France and Australia in areas such as innovation and technology.

With the final front runners Germany, France and Japan in friendly competition to attract the Australian Government to their corner, daily articles on the subject abound in every major Australia newspaper, in consideration that Australia’s Future Submarines project will be the biggest defence acquisition in Australia’s history.Amongst some of the key areas of distinction for the French bid, three were highlighted, this included the close cultural similarities of France and Australia in its State structures which provided the necessary idealistic securities required for long term partnerships. Second, the French sub builder, DCNS, was majority State owned, which according to the Ambassador provided Australia with a certain sense of security regarding the future, especially since the project was likely to encompass at least two generations. Thirdly, whilst not specifically part of the bid itself, the French offered indirectly the opportunity to further evolve the submarine capability, with nuclear capability, should this be on the horizon in future military considerations.

The giant of submarine building history, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), has also ramped up their diplomatic presence in Australia to bolster their bid. The German submarine builder having exported submarines to 17 navies of other countries and having built over 160 diesel powered submarines, and offering a 300 year historical pedigree of accumulated engineering development. The ThyssenKrupp Group having around 157,000 employees in just under 80 countries, key focus areas being reported to include options to build all 12 submarines here in Australia and transferring all relevant intellectual property from TKMS to the Australian Government as its IP was not State owned.

In a sign of elegant European affection, the French Ambassador noted that whilst France enjoyed significant ties with many countries, including Australia, the Franco-German bond was perhaps at its closest, with the German Military regularly parading its troops alongside the French on Bastille Day (14 July) down the Champs-Elysées for several decades now. This honour now being bestowed to Australian troops for the first time highlighting the tremendous sacrifices Australian soldiers made in liberating France in the last world wars.

The French German bond, so uncompromisingly and openly displayed, showed the capacity for former hereditary enemies to bridge their differences in a fundamental way for the economic and military stability and security of Europe, indeed the world as whole. Therein a sublime message of hope for all, that with enough will and passion any seemingly incompatible and opposing forces can be unified for the common good.

Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité

Bro. Henning A. Klövekorn B.A, G.C, M.A IRCAPA CPMSIA CAHRI

Board MemberCouncil for International Trade and Commerce of South Australia Inc.Portfolio Chair UK, Europe and Russian

ChairmanGerman European Chamber of Commerce of South Australia

3rd of March 2016: German European Chamber with Hon Consul (SA) of Germany



Fantastic to discuss the State and Federal initiatives to increase bilateral trade between Germany and South Australia today between the German European Chamber of Commerce of SA Inc. and the Honourary Consul (SA) of the Federal Republic of Germany. Pictured: Guenter Pratz (Vice Chair) and Henning Klovekorn (Chair) of the German European Chamber with Mr James Porter Hon. Consul (SA) of Germany. 


1st of March 2016: Forging future directions with our Lord Mayor Martin Haese


Pictured: Bro. Henning Klovekorn with Lord Mayor the Right Honourable Martin Haese

Fostering EU- Australia connections - afternoon tea for Australian Polish and German business owners in the Adelaide CBD hosted by The Right Honourable Martin Haese - Lord Mayor of Adelaide and Lady Mayoress Genevieve Theseira-Haese at the Town Hall.

Part of the discussion focused on innovation, trade and the release of the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan. Vibrant discussions and strategy suggestions were led by Henning Klovekorn (Chairman of the German European Chamber of SA Inc and Board member of CITCSA), Guenter Pratz (Vice Chairman of the German European Chamber of SA Inc.), David Slama, Councillor, Megan Hender, Deputy Lord Mayor, as well as the Honorary Consul to South Australia of the Republic of Poland Gosia Hill.

Henning Klovekorn stated: 'the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan is both bold as it is tangible. The rejuvination of the city is evident around us. The focus on sustainable growth, high tech industry support through the 'smart' initiative and the intention to lead the world to become the world's first carbon neutral city is a vision we can all support. This is real progress for Adelaide on a Global trajectory.'



 Pictured: Henning Klovekorn (Chairman of the German European Chamber of SA Inc and Board member of CITCSA), Guenter Pratz (Vice Chairman of the German European Chamber of SA Inc.) and  Megan Hender, Deputy Lord Mayor.






25 February 2016: Henning Klovekorn elected to Board of CITCSA. 



Pictured: Guenter Pratz (Vice Chairman of German European Chamber), Dr Valdis Tomanis (Latvian Chamber of Commerce), Bro. Henning A. Klovekorn (Chairman German European Chamber, Board CITCSA) and Francis Wong OAM (Chairman, CITCSA)

I was very honoured to be elected to the Board of CITCSA this evening. CITCSA is the peak representative body for 39 International Chambers of Commerce and as pointed out in my speech to representatives, CITCSA is entering a new and exiting phase of its over 20 year history, with a rejuvinated vision to unite all the councils for an inclusive and engaging strategy moving forwards.


22 February 2016: A Call to Freemasons



Take the Global Freemasons Survey today and make a difference to Strategic Planning in International Freemasonry.



22 Dec 2015: Meeting with South Australian of the Year and Co-Founder of the Zahra Foundation


Henning Klovekorn with Arman Abrahimzadeh, South Australian of the year and Co-Founder of the Zahra Foundation. Arman is a White Ribbon Ambassador and a passionate advocate for improved legislation to protect women and children. In 2015, he established the Zahra Foundation Australia to assist women in crisis and empower them with education and financial independency. Henning Klovekorn will support the Zahra Foundation with proceeds of his books and through donations undertaken via the German European Chamber of Commerce of SA Inc.


6th of December 2015: Schwerpunkt Pty Ltd launch new 'Bavaria' App!

Henning Klovekorn announces the release of new Tourism App.

Experience the thrill, vibrance and beauty of one of Germany's most extraordinary tourist destinations. The Bavaria App by Schwerpunkt takes you through a tour of breathtaking Bavarian landscapes without the need of leaving your armchair! Use your smart device, your phone, gyro function or even Google Cardboard to visit Bavaria in Virtual Reality!

Full 360 degree views, super high definition spherical and stereoscopic images. From the top of the Alps to the shores of quaint fishing ports, 'The Bavaria' is an incredible experience for you to enjoy time and time again.


9 November 2015: Mentor at AHRI Young Professionals Network

Today I had the pleasure of being a Mentor to our future up and coming HR leaders at the Gouger Street Glasshouse for the Australian Human Resource Industry Young Professionals Network. Organised by Vy Vo and other members of the YPN Committee, this 'speed mentoring' event allowed me to engage on a personal level with first and second year HR University students and provide career advice and leadership strategies I have learnt in my career. A wonderful opportunity and fantastic to see so many motivated young men and women interested in furthering the 'People and Culture' Discipline. After the function I distributed copies of my latest book on 'leadership' - the Schwerpunkt Leadership Principle. Event Brochure here.




19 October 2015: Standing for our First Australians!

Today I welcomed Dr Dan Tyson (Director and Secretary) and Noel Bridge (Director) of the Aboriginal Business Industry Chamber of SA (ABICSA) to further the cause of our First Australians at the German European Chamber of Commerce of SA Inc.

We seek to work with the ABICSA as strong partners to provide opportunity to Aboriginal Australians through economic development.


17 October 2015: Henning Klovekorn supports the clothesline project:

Say No to Domestic Violence! Support the Western Adelaide Violence Against Women Collaboration 'clothesline project' November 25th to December 10th! Here I have painted a T-shirt to raise awareness about taking a stand against DV for this global initiative.




11 October 2015: Klovekorn The

Like it now!




Best selling book now in edition 3, Henning Klovekorn releases the 99 Degrees of Freemasonry: 2 October 2015




With the last edition released in 2007 and completely sold out, Freemasons the world over have written to me for years seeking the release of a new edition using the print on demand service at Amazon. Having just released edition 2 of my leadership book'Schwerpunkt Leadership Principle' book, I have also released edition 3 of the 99 Degrees of Freemasonry, first published by Seaview Press in 2006. 

I have added many new photos from my travels and research over the last 8 years, placing further emphasis on the central European roots of this ancient Order, adding a photo of the lodge house of the Bavarian Illuminati (which many masonic scholars to date doubted ever existed) and continue my push and awareness raising for religious tolerance in Freemasonry.

"From the secret corridors of Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel to the dark crypts of Hitler's SS, the rise and fall of fraternal societies has shaped our world. The global authority on fraternities and best-selling author on Freemasonry; Bro. Henning A. Klövekorn, in the long awaited third edition of the "99 Degrees of Freemasonry" provides an inspirational and thought-provoking analysis of the philosophies, allegories and symbolism of Freemasonry and related orders. Take a journey of unrivalled passion from Knight Templar graves, hidden symbolism in European art to previously unpublished photos of the temples of the Grand Orient of France and the Bavarian Illuminati. This publication begins with the startling evidence of a central European origin of Freemasonry and ends in the revelation of the highest ritual degrees of the Freemason Order."

Thank you to the many Freemasons who continued to lobby me to undertake a reprint.



Henning launches edition 2 of his 'leadership' book: The Schwerpunkt Leadership Principle!: Oct 1 2015


The Schwerpunkt Leadership PrincipleFive steps to influencing success!

Schwerpunkt KlovekornWhat is the famous ‘Schwerpunktprinzip’ used by Prussian Field Marshals and how can it be applied to the Boardroom? Why did the technically inferior T34 Battle Tank of the Soviet Union beat the formidable German Tiger Tank in World War II? What does ‘slicing the pizza’ have to do with the new business strategy of ‘lean-tasking’? How can ‘wearing a red hat’ triple your marketing exposure? Why does ‘palm tree climbing’ equate to improved business intelligence? Entrepreneurial CEO and author Henning A. Klövekorn, reveals it all with the five pillars of the ‘Schwerpunkt Principle’ and 17 traits of leadership. With inspirational historical expositions and charismatic personal reflections; Schwerpunkt theory will calibrate your business mojo and reset your trajectory to success!





World First App Launched! 19 September 2015

Today I announced the release of the first Schwerpunkt App on the Apple App Store called 'The Thing'.

With our fully emersive 360 degree Virtual Reality Apps, you can experience unique and thrilling VR tourism from 'The Thing' in Heidelberg to our next offering, 'The Buddha' in Hong Kong. I am very proud as CEO of Schwerpunkt Pty Ltd to kick-start this new era in high-tech with the rest of the Adelaide-based Schwerpunkt team.


 Press the image to be directed to our new App!


Guest of DutchSA 3 September 2015:

This evening the officers of the German European Chamber of Commerce were invited to a meetup of DutchSA (the Dutch Chamber) at the Belgian Beer Cafe in Adelaide. What a lovely group of people and such an honour to be made so welcome.,au


Henning A. Klovekorn launches new 'Relic Hunter Mini-Documentaries': 3 August 2015


Historian and author, Henning A. Klovekorn (The Relic Hunter) travels to the Nazi Pagan 'Thing' or General Assembly of Heidelberg, Germany. Built in 1935 the now relic of Hitler's Third Reich remains a point of fascination and historic importance. Henning A. Klovekorn provides a close-up analysis of this Norse inspired outdoor temple with contextual historical observations.

North Atlantic Strategy Talks with Office of the Agent General (London): 10 June 2015

The 10th of June 2015 saw the Council for International Trade and Commerce of SA bring together key South Australian Chambers with a European outlook to assist in formulating the State Governments North Atlantic Region Strategy under the Office of the Agent General (London). 

As Chairman of the German European Chamber of Commerce SA, Henning A. Klövekorn undertook an engaging discussion with John Rees, Trade and Investment Director of the Office of the Agent General, Vini Ciccarello President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce (Former MP and Mayor of Norwood), Frank Weits President of Dutch SA and Board Member CITCSA as well as Barry Salter Secretary and Public Officer of CITCSA.

Input from the German European Chamber saw focus on several key considerations for the NARS:

- Greater collaborative working strategy between the State Government and our Chambers via a structural and formal framework of engagement.

- Identifying key areas of business opportunity between target regions with the aim of facilitating new technologies and trade between the regions.

- Increasing trade opportunities, specifically with Germany which had the biggest trade surplus in the world in 2014 ($285 Billion) and is the third world's biggest exporter. 

- Focus on 'sector-based' trade missions which match opportunity with need.

- Selling South Australia as the doorway to Asia.


Board of the SAADV or SA German Association: 29th of May 2015

Today Guenter Pratz and Henning Klovekorn were co-opted to the German Association of South Australia Inc. Board. Guenter is a past president of the club, former Prince of the Karneval Group and former President of the German-Austrian Business Council of SA. Henning has had an engagement with the German Club for 30 years including as master of ceremonies, representing the club during the multicultural parade of Adelaide, for consultate affairs and as volunteer. Henning was sponsor of the Schuetzenfest Childrens Walk, sponsor of the Bund der Bayern ($1,500) and donator to the Briefmarken Group. Henning has also been President of the Collegiate School of St. Peter German Society (winner of Head Masters Award for Service to School) and President of the Adelaide University Volkschor. Guenter and Henning are happy to serve the German community in South Australia.

 Photo: Guenter Pratz and Henning Klovekorn outside of the Magistrates Court of Adelaide.

Amazon launches new Author Page for Henning A. Klovekorn: 20 May 2015

Amazon today launched Henning A. Klovekorn's new author page allowing readers to follow, suggest and share updates. All proceeds go to worthwhile charities in Australia and aborad.



Bill Shorten supports Digital Technologies May 19, 2015

Henning A. Klӧvekorn, CEO of Schwerpunkt Pty Ltd, tonight with Federal Labor leader and leader of the Federal Opposition the Hon Bill Shorten MP. 

Coming just days after his applauded budget reply speech in Federal Parliament, Bill Shorten again highlighted in Adelaide this evening the ALP’s framework for delivering increased ‘infrastructure projects’ to ‘enhance national productivity’. 

“I was particularly captivated by Bill’s vision and acknowledgment that digital technologies lay at the heart of Australia’s future prosperity and significant incentives are planned to grow this sector” Henning A. Klӧvekorn said. 






German European Chamber of Commerce South Australia: 7 April 2015

Today the new Management Committee of the German European Chamber of Commerce South Australia was appointed with the objective to support, promote and encourage sustainable and profitable trade and investment between South Australia and the Federal Republic of Germany and the broader European Union and its member States.

As the new Chairman, alongside a formidable new Committee including Guenter Pratz (Vice Chairman), Chris Schroeder (Treasurer), Simon Thomson (Secretary General) and Frank Lucks (Trustee) we aim to act as a conduit of communication, coordination and facilitation between governments and business entities of South Australia and Europe.

We are very optimistic about the economic future of South Australia.


German European Chamber of Commerce South Australia Management Committee: Guenter Pratz (Vice Chairman), Frank Lucks (Trustee), Henning A. Klovekorn (Chairman), Simon Thomson (Secretary General) and Chris Schroeder (Treasurer).


Henning A. Klovekorn visits DNV GL Augsburg Germany 9th January 2015.

DNV GL is the world's largest Classification Society, the third largest International Certifier and an iconic institution in the hearts and minds of QSE professional's the world over. With a purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment - DNV GL has been at the forefront of protecting life for over 150 years. Operating in over 100 countries with 16,000 employees, DNV GL is also one of the oldest and most respected risk software developers. Playing a key role in the establishment of hundreds of standards and influencing standards such as OHSAS 18001, DNV GL has also become the organisation of choice to undertake earth critical investigations following both the 1988 Piper Alpha disaster and 2010 Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

DNV GL reputation for integrity, service and return on investment has been recognised by its global customer base which includes some of the world’s most iconic and successful companies including NASA, BP, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, BHP Billiton, Exxon Mobil, Rio Tinto, Nokia and Shell.

In 2015 as part of my new role as a Regional Representative  and Principle Auditor of DNV GL in South Australia, I met with committed and passionate DNV GL professionals at the Augsburg Office in Germany under the leadership of Station Manager Mr. Dirk Thornagel.

It comes with an overwhelming sense of responsibility and pride to represent this organisation in South Australia.


 Photo: Henning Klovekorn with DNV GL Augsburg staff in Germany.




Seppeltsfield Winery unveiling of new cellar door November 2014


Henning Klovekorn with the Premier of South Australia the Hon Jay Weatherill at the opening of the new visionary Seppeltsfield Winery complex. "Seppeltsfield has been transformed through innovator Warren Randall to again take the reign as the Jewel of the Barossa and the sceptre of the global wine industry" - Henning Klovekorn.



Photo: Henning Klovekorn introducing the 'Bund der Bayern' at the opening ceremony.


Progress on 'Die Blutfahne' October 2014

Early production has commenced with the WW2 Thriller 'Die Blutfahne' a WWII historical fiction in which Henning Klovekorn plays a leading role following recent appearances as an actor in the National Misubishi Commercial, ABC Drama 'The Anzac Girls' and School Educational TV Show 'August Watershed Opera'. 


Oktoberfest 2014


Henning Klovekorn is the official Master of Ceremonies at the South Australian German Associaton 2014 Oktoberfest. With hundreds of guests and participants, crowds come to enjoy German food, dancing and culture.




September 2014 State Reception


Henning Klovekorn with members of the German and Austrian Ethnic Communities was invited to attend the swearing in of the new Governor of South Australia, His Excellency Hieu Van Le OA 1st September 2014.

"Our New Governor Hieu Van Le is an inspirational figure and a reflection of our State's strong multicultural basis. The Premier has chosen with significant wisdom and foresight and given South Australia another first, as Mr Le is the first Asian migrant to receive this honour in Australia. His Excellency is a testimony to how hard work and dedication to the community, no matter the background, can make a positive impact now and for future generations, I am very honoured to be in his presence, he is a beacon of hope and a source of much needed wisdom and motivation in these challenging times" Mr Klovekorn said.

Pictured: Herr Herbert Reiter president of Austrian Association, Henning Klovekorn, Prof. Ian Hamsdorf, Order of Australia and Bundesverdienstkreutz, His Excellency the Governor Hieu Van Le Order of Australia, Michael Hemmes President of German Association.

July 2014 Grand Orient de France Certificate in Australia

At the recent July 2014 meeting, Officers of Terra Australis revealed the 1802 Freemasons Certificate issued by French Continental Freemasonry to Captain Kemp. The first Australian Masonic Certificate denoting a lineage from our Lodge to this original Sydney Harbour ceremony dating back some 212 years.



As Guest Speaker at the University of Adelaide 25th July 2014

Today I was guest speaker at the Adelaide University 'The Braggs' Lecture Theatre speaking to students about Business and German Culture. Invited by the South Australian German Teachers Association (SAGTA) and in conjunction with the Goethe-Institut Melbourne and the University of Adelaide, I provided a keynote address on the importance of German language skills. .With a lecture theatre filled with young aspiring minds interested in German Culture, I provided an analysis between German and Australian Business cultures, the success behind German companies and what we can learn from them.



ABC Radio 891 with Ian Henschke on 19 June 2014




March 2014 Henning makes a stand against Domestic Violence

Henning Klövekorn CEO of Skytrust this week donated his time to raise awareness about domestic violence with Angela HEESOM (Renowned Casting Director/Producer) who along with Annette ELLIOT (Established South Australia's first women's shelter) are running as independent candidates for the SA Legislative Council.

Angela was recently described as one of South Australia's most influential women by the 'Advertiser'.

Henning is handing out brochures, visiting the Fringe to speak to visitors on the issue and has also sponsored facebook adverts in March 2014 to promote the 'say no to domestic violence' campaign.

The information available on the prevalence of domestic, family and sexual violence in Australia is derived from surveys. The 2013 Australia-wide survey on personal safety conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that many men and women experience at least one encounter with violence in their lifetimes. The survey showed that men are far more likely to experience physical violence at the hands of a stranger but the majority of women experience physical violence by someone known to them—usually an intimate partner or family member. Both men and women are more likely to experience physical violence than sexual violence but women are much more likely to experience sexual assault in their lifetime than men.

The ABS Personal Safety Surveys in 2005 and 2012 provides the most up to date figures on domestic, family and sexual violence.In its findings, the survey estimated that:•49 per cent of men (4,148,000) and 41 per cent of women (3,560,600) had experienced some form of violence since the age of 15•women were more likely than men to have experienced physical assault by a male in their home. An estimated 62 per cent of women compared to 8 per cent of men experienced their most recent incident of physical assault by a male in their home


“No matter your political persuasion, society must stand against Domestic Violence. Let us all raise awareness on the issue and adopt a zero tolerance stance”  Henning A. Klövekorn


Acting in the film 'August Watershed' December 2013

Today (13th of December) I finnished acting in the South Australian Film 'August Watershed'.

August Watershed tells the story of the first month of the First World War, August 1914, history's most significant month.  Directed by Rick Cavaggion from Light Image Productions, August Watershed contains 35 pieces of purpose composed music and a cast of more than 60 from Australia and New Zealand. It will be viewable by the public through subscription. You can view the trailer now at:


Photo: Henning Klovekorn from a scene in 'August Watershed'.





Henning Klovekorn Front Page of the SA Advertiser Business Journal

On the 25th of November 2013 I undertook a world-first as CEO of Skytrust, an International Software House. Diving to a depth of 10m of the shark infested waters of South Australia, I undertook the world's first underwater internet-based live Risk Assessment to demonstrate the mobility of Skytrust software.




Henning Klovekorn announces Skytrust Movember Charity: November 2013

The Movember Foundation is a leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men's health. Announcing my personal involvement and that of the Skytrust team was a great honour for the sake of charity. In order to encourage donations to my personal Movember campaign I set personal targets including dying my hair purple and wearing my German Lederhosen for seven days straight in all activities I undertook. The result was exceptional, with the honour of being made a 'Platinum' Sponsor of the event having raised more than $1,000. Thank you all for supporting Men's Health.


Henning Klovekorn as 'Mr Mitsubishi' in National Mitsubishi Television Commercial: Obtober 2013

Today I completed filming a National television Commercial for Mitsubishi Motors. A short appearance but we had much fun on set and all my acting proceeds go to charity. Thank you to SA Casting for the continued support.




Henning Klovekorn hosts Federal Press Conference on NBN 2013

On the 29th of August 2013 Henning Klövekorn held a press conference at Skytrust House with Federal Ministers Sharon Bird and Kate Ellis to push for the continuing roll out of the National Broadband Network across Australia.

“The first copper wire telecommunications systems operating in Adelaide was in 1899. This is before the first Australian driver’s licence was issued in 1906 (Adelaide). To this day, we utilise the copper-cable telephone network to run broadband internet. This is literally, technology from the horse and cart era.

Australia’s Internet data downloads grew by more than 50% last year and global internet data traffic is expected to more than triple in the next four years. Today’s discussion with the Ministers reinforced the vital nature of the National Broadband Network for Australian business. The NBN full fibre optic cable technology allows for more data capacity, greater upload and download speeds, greater reliability and stability.

We are crying out for 21st century high speed full fibre technology to retain our competitive advantage in a global marketplace, to raise efficiencies and unleash economic opportunity.

Nation building is often driven by bold visions and investment into critical infrastructure to safeguard the future fabric of Australia’s economic and social welfare.

The copper cable horse and cart era technology is damaging Australia’s future economic prosperity, whilst the NBN, with its full fibre technology, will create jobs, raise profitability and finally, bring Australia, where we deserve to be, at the lead, as a trailblazer of technological infrastructure and opportunity.

I thank Employment Participation Minister and Member for Adelaide Kate Ellis and Minister for Regional Communications Sharon Bird for supporting Australian business with both the vision and practical implementation of the NBN for the advancement of Australia’s economic vitality." Henning A. Klovekorn



Photo: Henning Klövekorn held a press conference at Skytrust House with Federal Ministers Sharon Bird and Kate Ellis to push for the continuing roll out of the National Broadband Network across Australia.



Nick Bianco comes to visit Feb 2013

A regular visitor to Skytrust is mentor and Order of Australia recipient Nick Bianco. "Not a month goes by without Nick coming in for a chat and coffee, his experience in running large and complex businesses, coupled with his political insights, have provided me invaluable insights into turning dreams into commercial success, Nick's passion and practical approach is an important key to making opportunities a reality.- Henning Klovekorn"


Mix 102.3 Radio 'Characters Campaign'

Worldwide Who's Who

Freemasonry Review

Rosslyn Chapel Wikipedia

History of Freemasonry Wikipedia


Jango Radio

Liebherr Certification

Amazon (Asatru)






International Safety Certification for Liebherr Australia Nov 2010.


Liebherr - Australia Pty Ltd makes, sells and services cranes, earthmovers and other mining equipment. It is part of the global network of privately owned Liebherr Group, headquartered in Bulle, Switzerland. It employs more than 35,000 people in 130 countries worldwide.

The South Australian operations were recently awarded Australian and International safety management system certification by TQCSI a JAS-ANZ accredited international third party certifier based in Adelaide.

This achievement was reached following a 12 month systems development phase and six month intensive implementation phase which included cross-functional engagement incorporating production, service personnel through to senior management.

“International safety certification is both a privilege and a responsibility; every employee on this site has taken ownership of safety and worked hard in obtaining this certification. The Liebherr - Australia Head Office site can feel proud of this achievement. This success is part of an overarching national strategy and approach to becoming industry leaders in safety management. Liebherr products are world renowned for technological innovation, quality and reliability, we are determined to add excellence in occupational safety systems and safe product support to that corporate philosophy.” Henning A Klövekorn, National HSE Manager"


Peter Gouscos State Manager – SA, Stuart Batchelor General Manager TQCSI, Charlotte De Souza HSE Manager – SA, Henning A. Klövekorn National HSE Manager.


Announcement of Vision to Certify Liebherr: 2008


Today I announced the intention for Liebherr Australia to seek Certification to AS4801 and OHSAS18001, the world's first such certification accross its 35,000 employee workforce. As National Risk (HR/OHS) Manager I am working with my executive team to plan for this ambitious project which will see us continue to develop a brand new management system and implementing this throughout all sites and branches throughout Australia and NZ.


Klovekorn Freemasons Collection Donated to Freemasonry Museum March 2010.

As prominent author of the '99 Degrees of Freemasonry' and long serving Freemason, Henning A. Klovekorn, originally raised in Concordia Lodge 226 under the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of South Australia and the Northern Territory, donated his entire Freemason collection following many years of collecting and purchasing the items at auctions around the country and the world.

The 'Klovekorn Freemasons Collection' valued at about $5,000 includes a 19th Century 18th Degree Sword, a over 100 year old Freemason Firing Glass, Masonic Jewels from London, Israel, Germany and Australia - some in 24C gold and many aprons and other regalia used by Freemasons and other Orders. The Donation includes a rare and prized Minute book from St. Peters College Freemasons Lodge over 100 years old and over 50 rare ritual texts Henning Klovekorn collected. "The rare Rituals are going into the safe hands of friend, mentor and Grand Lodge Librarian R.W George Woolmer OAM, whilst the rest of the collection is donated to the Adelaide Masonic Centre Museum, I have also included a rare plaster copy of the Freemasons initiation stone carving found at the site of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland which I have visited 4 times" Henning Klovekorn said. "This collection represents a significant historical record which I donate for educational purposes for future generations - everyone should enjoy the collection" Henning Klovekorn said.

Picture: W. Bro Henning A. Klovekorn with Bro. Murray Olsson Museum Curator of the Adelaide Masonic Centre Museum inspecting part of the donated 'Klovekorn Freemasons Collection'.



Freemasons of Victoria Publish article by Henning Klovekorn


I was recently honoured with the publication of a journal article I wrote in the prestigious Victorian Freemasons Magazine of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria for the benefit of Freemasons and the Community. The article has been well received by the over 14,000 Victorian Freemasons.  A quote from the book was recently included in a Wikipedia page on Rosslyn Chapel, directly resulting from research I undertook in relation to the Norse origins of the Apprentice Pillar found within Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.  


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