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A Call to Freemasons

Take the Global Freemasons Survey today and make a difference to Strategic Planning in International Freemasonry.

Henning A. Klovekorn is author of the 'best selling' book on Freemasonry, the '99 Degrees of Freemasonry', now in its third edition. Bro. Klovekorn has undertaken research in the area of Freemasonry for over 20 years, publishing articles in Freemason Magazines, unearthing ancient Masonic rituals and regalia for Masonic Museums, and leading Masonic Research activities which has lead to the publishing of some of his key discoveries in Wikipedia (e.g. the Nordic influence on the apprentice pillar of Rosslyn Chapel).

Bro. Klovekorn's work seeks now to develop into broader areas of study, including Freemason leadership development, membership retention and development strategies, as well as a global Freemasons benchmarking database to trend key data for the future strategic planning of Freemasonry worldwide.

You have been invited to participate in this important survey as a Freemason, the data of which will be shared with the Masonic world to build its strength and ensure its governance and development procedures stay true to the modern age.

Your answers can be made anonymously, however, the data will be more valuable if you include information on your jurisdiction, age and role in Freemasonry.

The 'Klovekorn Global Freemasons Survey 2016' has been devised to:

  • understand key synergies and differences between Freemason lodges throughout the world

  • provide benchmarking data to compare membership trends between jurisdictions

  • seek to identify major barriers and drivers to growth

  • seek your viewpoint on cultural drivers and issues

You are free, indeed encouraged to invite other Freemasons to undertake the survey. Survey Results will be made available November 2016 at

The 2016 survey will focus this year on some confronting and controversial topics such as relating to questions of gender, race, religious exclusion and membership perception. Answers to these questions will help formulate a 'global' viewpoint on our attitude towards these issues.

The Klovekorn Global Freemasons Survey 2016 is not associated with or endorsed by any particular Masonic Jurisdiction and is entirely focused as a research and benchmarking initiative.

Responses will also be published in edition 4 of Bro. Klovekorns book on Freemasonry.Where Freemasons provide details of their name, lodge, jurisdiction and financial standing of their lodge, these details will not be published as singular or specific data, only as grouped data without any specific individual references.

Complete the Survey here:

Bro. Klovekorn does not promote any specific or particular political, religious, racial or gender views in the administration of this survey.

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