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Older than the French Republic (1792), before the first British Parliament (1701), before the Thirty Year's War of 1618, older than the invention of the printing press in 1440, and before the invention of gun powder in 1280, the Klövekorn Family name has been at the heart of Northern European culture for over 1,000 years.

The Klovekorn Family (Sippenorden Klövekorn) has existed through apical ancestorship throughout this period, surviving and contributing to numerous extraordinary historical events, whilst maintaining a strong ancestoral kinship. 

Fiercely independent but pro-national, we received our Family Crest in the 14th Century from Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor (Karl IV. 1346-1378).


Seeking to distance ourselves from any political, royal or other body to ensure its long term survival, the family carefully navigated its allegiances through both the Monarchistic age of the Holy Roman Empire, the various religious wars and the revolutionary political wars following the period of enlightenment.

The Klövekorn family held important infrastructure for various regions of the first German Empire, such as the Klövekornmühle (Klovekorn Mill) on the Hase River in Osnabrück. The Klövekorn family held this medieval mill for several hundred years from the 13th Century onward. It received a Royal Edict of Protection over the Mill from Kaiser Ferdinand III (King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor) in 1645.

Many prominent members of the Family Klövekorn have contributed to the fabric of European society, from (Sir or Ritter) Johann Ernst von Klövekorn, Drost zu Freudenberg 1707, Karl Wilhelm Klövekorn Gograf zu Wittlage und Hunteburg, 1783, Kompanieführer Leo Klövekorn who's company took Fort Vaux in the Battle of Verdun, Hptm. of the II./Jäg.Rgt. 227 Wolfram Klövekorn recipient of the German Cross in Gold (1943) to prominent academics such as Dr Fritz Klovekorn author of over 15 books.

The family is honoured to have two streets named, the 'Klövekornstraße' in the town of Kaarst, North Rhine-Westphalia and 'Klövekorns Helle' in Lohne (Oldenburg)  Lower Saxony.

Continuing the spirit of service to the community and the perpetuation of the family lineage 'with honour' this ancient Norse Family is today organised into a fraternal Order by invitation comprising of members by distinction through bloodline or meritorious honour. The Family is involved in various philanthropic and social activities such as disaster support, community service, charity work and maintenance of culture.  The Kameradschaft Klovekorn, an auxiliary of the Order, has good relations with a number of prominent European student fraternal societies 'Studentenverbindungen' of which in Germany these societies number 167500 members, as well as relations with Freemasonic bodies and its higher orders (global membership of 4 million). 

Henning A. Klövekorn who leads the Order in its present form is involved in numerous philanthropic activities supported by the family, including as Director of the Rima Foundation Ltd. which supports poor and underprivileged children in developing countries such as Vietnam, achieving platinum donor status for Men's Health organisation 'Movember', numerous charitable works under the Freemasons, various anti-domestic violence campaigns, environmental campaigns (including as active member of Friends of the Earth), and more recently supporting the Cudlee Creek Fire recovery under 'Operation Njord' including the supply of 250,000L of water. All profits from the sale of his written works are donated to charity.



Building of the Klovekorn House

for the Poor in Vietnam 2019

Kameradschaft Klovekorn 8 Aug 2017 origi
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