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Author, qualified historian and high degree Freemason, books by Henning Klovekorn sell on over 400 online book stores. Some of his startling discoveries are even quoted within Wikipedia.
The Schwerpunkt Leadership Principle

Five steps to influencing success!

What is the famous ‘Schwerpunktprinzip’ used by Prussian Field Marshals and how can it be applied to the Boardroom? Why did the technically inferior T34 Battle Tank of the Soviet Union beat the formidable German Tiger Tank in World War II? What does ‘slicing the pizza’ have to do with the new business strategy of ‘lean-tasking’? How can ‘wearing a red hat’ triple your marketing exposure? Why does ‘palm tree climbing’ equate to improved business intelligence? Entrepreneurial CEO and author Henning A. Klövekorn, reveals it all with the five pillars of the ‘Schwerpunkt Principle’ and 17 traits of leadership. With inspirational historical expositions and charismatic personal reflections; Schwerpunkt theory will calibrate your business mojo and reset your trajectory to success!

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