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Quadruped Oval Ring: 1Mil BC-1Mil AD (RARev01 8/10/2021)


Timeline Auctions : 13 Sep 2021


Rectangular Section hoop, oval shaped bezel, horned quadruped facing right.


Lancashire UK, prior London.


Western Asiatic: Kingdom of Armenia, Kingdom of Iberia, Parthian Empire, Roman Empire, Sassanid Empire, Rashidun Caliphate,


Likely bronze (alloy of copper (88%), zinc and tin). Microscopic analysis shows oxidization from moisture, as bronze contains copper, the green tinting arises from copper carbonate when copper is exposed to moisture of the skin.


Seal with Quadruped showing horns, possibly Antilope, Gazelle or Ibex.

Considering the size of the ring, if a Gazelle, then symbol of female beauty frequently used in Arabic and Persian literature for love.

If Antelope then meaning of agile military manoeuvres, antelopes move as one in the field. In a Roman context it may be connected to reign of Marcus Aurelius or Gallienus, who were forced to stem military rebellions in Persia.


Wax Seal (intaglio - created by carving below the surface to produce an image in relief).

Value Range:

$500+ AUD + Taxes + Delivery + Insurance

Quadruped Ring 1 Mil BC to 1 Mil AD

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